Decorative Cushion Cover | Haremlique

The decorative cushion covers, designed in pure cotton, silk jacquard, velvet and cashmere and destined to complement the bed covers and throws, will add a luxurious final touch to your bed with their rich textures.

Pillowcase | Bosphorus Mansions Collection | Light Blue

This decorative pillowcase, designed with the Bosphorus Mansions pattern depicting the enchanting atmosphere of that significant strait, is ideal for creating a lively look in your home interior decoration.

Pillowcase | Gates of Paradise Collection | Beige & Orange | 3 pcs

These decorative pillowcases from the Gates of Paradise collection with a pattern designed with the Toile de Jouy technique create a mystical look on a flawless soft surface.

Pillowcase | Gates of Paradise Collection | Beige & Anthracite

This decorative pillowcase from the Gates of Paradise collection with a pattern prepared using the Toile de Jouy technique creates a mystical look on a flawless soft surface.

Pillowcase | Gates of Paradise Collection | Celadon | 2 pcs

Ideal pieces for an opulent look, these decorative pillowcases are designed with the limited edition Gates of Paradise fabric, depicting palace gardens, monumental buildings and natural beauties with the Toile de Jouy technique.

Quilted Pillowcase | 100% Silk | Fener Collection | Burgundy | 2 pcs

Made from yarn-dyed jacquard silk, the Fener quilted silk cushion cover with its romantic pattern inspired from mosaic tiles suits perfectly to any classic or contemporary bedroom decor.

Pillowcase | Emerald | Arnavutköy Velvet Jacquard | 2 pcs

This sumptuous velvet cushion cover that features a soft, textured finish created through its jacquard weaving is an elegant accent over sofas and beds.

Pillowcase | 100 % Silk | Arnavutköy Quilted | Orange | 2 pcs

The Arnavutkoy quilted silk cushion cover features an enchanting texture, offering a visual appeal to the bedroom.

Pillowcase | 100 % Silk | Balat Collection | Green | 2 pcs

Embellished with intertwining motives, these decorative pillowcases create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom while offering a luxurious touch with their quilted texture.

Pillowcase | Beige | Istanbul Scents Collection | 3 pcs

Patterned in beautiful florals and striking Iznik ceramic motifs, the Istanbul Scents cushion covers will help any bedroom decor blossom.

Pillowcase | Grey | Enchanted Room | 3 pcs

Inspired by the graceful aesthetic of the Fruit Room in the Topkapi Palace, the exquisite pattern of these cushion covers is created for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection.

Velvet Pillowcase | 46 x 46 cm | Orange | Enchanted Room

A cushion cover in smooth, soft and lustrous cotton velvet adorned with a delicate motif embroidered on its surface.

Pillowcase | Black | Enchanted Life | 3 pcs

Featuring exquisite motifs taking inspriation from the walls of the Fruit Room in Topkapi Palace, this beautiful cushion cover's pattern is created for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection.

Pillowcase | Orange | Hasbahçe Collection | Set of 3

Crafted with Haremlique Istanbul’s unique Hasbahçe fabric with stunning toile de jouy design, these decorative cushion covers create a fairy tale atmosphere in living spaces.

Glitter Cashmere Pillowcase | 35*50 cm | Ecru

Adorned with gold details and woven with high quality cashmere yarns, this pillowcase will add your living spaces a glittering touch.

Cashmere Pillowcase | 35*50 cm | Turquoise

Woven with supremely soft yarns sourced from one of the world's finest producers in Italy, our premium 100% cashmere cushion cover is exquisitely smooth, soft and warm.

Pillowcase | Gates of Paradise | Beige

Decorative cushion cover from the Gates of Paradise Collection.