Turban Collection | Haremlique

Our Turban Collection offers a large variety of silver plated accessories sure to become the centerpieces of special presentations: From serving bowls to appetizer trays by way of wine coolers and napkin rings, each product is adorned with a turban as an allusion to the symbol of Haremlique Istanbul.

Silver plated Champagne cooler | Turban Collection

Inspired by the turban symbol of Haremlique Istanbul, this silver plated wine bucket will keep your beverages chilled while adding an elegant touch to your most special treats.

Glass appetizer tray with silver plated details | Turban Collection

A plate in glass with a silver plated turban detail on its center, this elegant and versatile design is ideal to serve hors d'oeuvres, cheese or charcuterie.

Silver Plated Snack Server | Turban Collection

An impeccable balance of grace and glitz, this silver plated snack server is the perfect accessory for garnishes.

Silver plated serving stand | Turban Collection

Display desserts or appetizers on this silver plated stand for a look that’s classic and elegant.

Large Serving Plate | Turban Collection

Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this elegant silver plated serveware will add style and glamour to your most special treats.

Appetizer Tray | Turban Collection

Adorned with three turban details, this versatile silver plated design is ideal to use as a tray or to serve appetizers.

Two Tiered Serving Stand

Display desserts or appetizers on this two-tier silver plated stand for a look that’s classic and elegant.

Silver plated candle holder six arms | Turban Collection

Give your dinners or home décor a focal point by this silver plated brass six-light Candelabra.

Silver plated candle holders | Set of 2 | Turban Collection

These silver plated candlesticks, each holds a single candle, add decadence and refinement to any interior.

Silver plated candle holder with glass | Set of 2 | Round base

These glass candle holders with a silver plated round or square base creates a beautiful centre piece when entertaining or can simply add a touch of elegance to a room when displaying on a sideboard.

Carafe | Turban Collection

Made from hand blown glass, this delicate carafe is a chic alternative to serve your beverages.
Amongst the silver plated products, the candle holder with six arms in the shape of a turban stands out. Silver plated snack server with a turban detail gives a glittery touch to table settings. Silver plated serving stands are the perfect choice to present your appetizers in a chic way. A functional piece with multiple uses, the silver plated wine cooler adds an elegant touch to your special celebrations.