Table Accessory | Haremlique

Haremlique Istanbul's elegant table accessories add the final touch to the perfect servings. This category includes napkin rings, place card holders and a cocktail fork set that will help you create a magnificent presentation and also constitute the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Twisted Knot Napkin Rings | 6 pcs

Napkin rings in a twisted knot form.

Carafe | Turban Collection

Made from hand blown glass, this delicate carafe is a chic alternative to serve your beverages.

Silver Plated Cocktail Fork Set | 6 pcs

Haremlique's silver plated cocktail fork set adds a polished touch to your servings with its modern sillhouette.
Silver plated napkin rings and place card holders accentuate any table with their elegant designs, while cocktail forks, that come in a set of 6, are one of the key essentials of any table.