Throws | Haremlique

Available in cashmere, velvet and velvet jacquard, these elegant products add a warm accent to any decor. You can find our 100% cashmere products woven with Italian cashmere yarns or velvet products made from 100% Cotton in our throw category.

Tünel Jacquard Throw | 135*220 cm | Different colors

Blending a luxurious texture with an enchanting design, this jacquard from the Tünel collection throw is decorated with an exclusive monogram of Haremlique Istanbul.

Cashmere Throw | 135*200 cm

Weaved with supremely premium yarns sourced from one of the world's finest producers in Italy, Haremlique's cashmere throw is exquisitely smooth, soft and warm.

Velvet Throw | Anthracite | 130*240 cm

Crafted from utterly elegant and luxurious by nature velvet, this throw is perfect for draping over sofas and beds with its smooth and soft texture.

Arnavutköy Velvet Jacquard Throw | 130*240 cm

This sumptuous velvet throw that features a soft, textured finish created through its jacquard weaving is an elegant accent over sofas and beds.

Cashmere Glitter Throw | Ecru | 135*200 cm

Glitter Throw with gold embellishments. Wonderfully luxurious and exquisitely soft to the touch. Standard size 135*200 cm.
Crafted from the exceptionally elegant and luxurious velvet, our 100% Cotton throw models are perfect for draping over sofas and bed with their smooth textures. Woven with high quality yarns sourced from one of the world’s finest producers in Italy, our 100% Cashmere throws are praised for their softness. Made from 100% Cotton, the Arnavutkoy velvet jacquard throw features a soft finish and an elegant design.