Bed Cover | Haremlique & Ottoman Damask

These chic bed covers with a variety of pattern and styles were created to dress your bed uniquely. Adding the final touch to your bedroom decoration, these bed covers are luxuriously stylish. Quilted with unique designs and different techniques, they appeal to the eye with their high quality materials.

Bed Cover | 250*280 cm | Ottoman Damask

This pale blue bed cover with its Ottoman Damask motif reinterprets traditional Ottoman symbolism.

Bed Cover | 250*280 cm | Ottoman Damask

This water-green bed cover featuring the Damask Ottoman pattern is a homage to traditional Ottoman art.

Bed Cover | 250*280 cm | Ottoman Damask

This vivid rose bed cover is adorned with the Ottoman Damask print, an ode to traditional Ottoman art.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Anthracite | Tünel

Created with a pattern inspired by the monogrammed initial of Haremlique Istanbul, this bed cover from the Tünel collection offers a sleek and modern style.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Beige & Orange | Gates of Paradise

Adorned with the stunning Gates of Paradise pattern that blends art and history, this bed cover is ideal for creating a stylish bedroom decoration.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Beige | Gates of Paradise Collection

Gates of Paradise bed cover 260*270 cm (standard size). A
luxurious, vintage style linen.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Black | Istanbul Scents

A reinterpretation of the Istanbul Scents design with a new black background, this bed cover features a rich appearance with Iznik Tile motifs and floral patterns.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Celadon | Gates of Paradise

An ideal piece for an opulent look, this bed cover is prepared with the limited edition Gates of Paradise fabric, depicting palace gardens, monumental buildings and natural beauties with the Toile de Jouy technique.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Hasbahçe Jacquard

Sumptuous yarn dyed jacquard sateen quilted bed cover features elegant toile de jouy motifs, enveloping your everyday comfort with charm.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Light Blue | Bosphorus Mansions

Enlivened with an eye catching pattern, this bed cover embodies the natural beauties and architectural details embellishing the unique Bosphorus.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Mink | Secret Garden Jaquard

The Secret Garden quilted bed cover is fashioned from yarn-dyed cotton jacquard sateen. The blacktoile de jouy pattern on the mink background brings an elegant ambience to the bedroom.

Bed Cover | 260*270 cm | Orange | Hasbahçe

Crafted with Haremlique Istanbul’s unique Hasbahçe fabric with stunning toile de jouy design, this bed cover creates a fairy tale atmosphere in any bedroom.
Inspired by the graceful beauty of the Fruit Room in the Topkapi Palace, the unique pattern of the Enchanted Room cover was designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection. Yarn-dyed silk jacquard Arnavutkoy quilted coverlet offers a visual feast to any bedroom with its enchanting texture. Recognized for its yarn-dyed cotton sateen jacquard fabric and decorative design, the Samatya bed cover can be matched with duvet cover sets of different styles. At last, our Hasbahce bed cover with Haremlique Istanbul’s toile de jouy motifs is perfect for those who are looking for a fairy tale atmosphere in the bedroom.