Bath Mat | Haremlique

These supremely soft, comfortable and absorbent 100% Egyptian cotton bath mats create a unity throughout your bathroom, matching perfectly with towels from our bath linen collection.

Topkapi Bath Mat | White & Black | 60*90 cm

Produced from Egyptian cotton terry cloth, this bath collection is embroidered with Haremlique Istanbul’s delicate signature motif which takes its inspiration from the windows of the Topkapi Palace.

Pierre Loti | Bath Mat | White & Sable | 60*90 cm

Haremlique's Pierre Loti bath mat with elegant embroidery is extremely soft to the touch and guarantee a plush handle which remains intact wash after wash.

Arnavutköy Jacquard Bath Mat | 60*90 cm

Haremlique's Arnavutköy jacquard towel collection features an original pattern that adds a sense of texture and sophistication to any bathroom space.

Macka Bath Mat | White | 60*90 cm

This soft and absorbant towel collection will be a luxurious addition to your bathing experience. Match with Macka bedding to complete your home.

Petite Topkapi Bath Mat | Blue & Green | 60*90 cm

The signature motif of Haremlique Istanbul, taking its inspiration from the windows of the Topkapi Palace is interpreted into a smaller, two line frame on this new towel collection, made from exquisite Egyptian cotton.

Arnavutköy Bath Mat | White & Grey | 60*90 cm

Arnavutköy Bath Mat has an intricate motif, designed exquisitely for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection.

Yenikoy Bath Mat | Anthracite | 60*90 cm

Accented with double line embroidery in a beautiful array of colors, this bath collection is plush, absorbent and ultra soft. Match with Yenikoy bedding to complete your home.

Bebek Bath Mat | Blue | 60*90 cm

Wrapping you in softness, the sumptuous Bebek collection adds a touch of design to your bath with its captivating wave stitch embroidery.
Taking its inspiration from the windows of the Topkapi Palace and a signature of Haremlique Istanbul, the Topkapi motif has been reinterpreted into smaller, two line frames in different colours in Petite Topkapi. Designed for Haremlique Istanbul’s 10th year capsule collection, the Arnavutkoy bath mat’s intricate motif makes it a perfect match for modern bathrooms. Embroidered with leaf motifs, the Salacak bath mat adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor with its well-made pattern. Choose the design that fits the most with your bathroom style amongst our selection of soft and practical bath mats.